• “In less than six weeks, I have seen gains of between 10% to 12%.” * — Burk S. from Provo, UT

Ultimate Wealth Report Mission Statement

To provide subscribers with the means to protect, grow and achieve wealth no matter what turmoil the financial markets throw our way.

With holdings in a diversified portfolio of large and small cap commodities we create a stable foundation for growth that complements our common stock portfolio to bring you calculated profits.

Permian Basin Royal Trust (PBT), bought March 2020, up 503%

BHP Group (BHP), bought July 2018 up 66%

Apple (AAPL), bought October 2020, up 60%

Rayonier (RYN), bought April 2020, up 49%

These are just a few of many large returns that our members have had the opportunity to take advantage of from our recommendations and analysis.

We all know there are no guarantees in the investment world but taking advantage of targeted research increases your odds for success.

Welcome to the Ultimate Wealth Report!

*Our descriptions of potential results of our trading programs are based on hypothetical trading. Hypothetical and actual results usually vary significantly. Actual results are affected by numerous factors, including whether a particular trade can be executed and the timing of any such execution, and brokerage fees and commissions to be paid. Past performance is not necessarily an indication of future success. A subscriber who chooses to follow a program could lose all or part of his or her investment. We compute Cumulative Results by adding and subtracting all winning trades and losing trades for a net total of all trade recommendations.

*Newsmax publishes Ultimate Wealth Report to provide information that a subscriber who is considering an investment may evaluate as part of the total mix of information available. Subscribers should understand that any investment decision they might make is their own. Investors should carefully consider all information and discuss his or her investment choices with a qualified professional. Newsmax is not an investment adviser, broker dealer, or any other type of financial advisor. Newsmax does not provide individual investment advice.

Ultimate Wealth Report

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