• “In less than six weeks, I have seen gains of between 10% to 12%.” — Burk S. from Provo, UT

Ultimate Wealth Report Mission Statement:

Help Main Street Americans protect and grow their wealth in these
high inflationary times in which we’re living.

In the Ultimate Wealth Report, the goal is simple: to help you stem the tide of rising inflation. While other people’s purchasing power and standard of living decrease, the Ultimate Wealth Report will direct you toward the things that get inflated in such a scenario: commodities. It will also attack the dilution of the dollar head-on by investing in foreign currencies.

Going forward, by linking our U.S. dollars to foreign currencies — which the Ultimate Wealth Report will do by purchasing exchange-traded funds — you’ll retain purchasing power and de-link yourselves from the dollar-dilution game the Federal Reserve is playing. Linking your dollars to foreign currencies (through purchasing ETFs via your stock brokerage account) can help retain purchasing power and provides an easy way to de-link from the government’s dangerous and reckless dollar-diluting game.

The Ultimate Wealth Report is edited by Sean Hyman, who has been in the investing trenches for more than 20 years. Over that time, he’s been a stockbroker at Charles Schwab, a trading course instructor for foreign exchange market maker Forex Capital Markets (FXCM), and a financial writer for Newsmax Media (the publisher of this newsletter) and other outlets. Through his wide-ranging experience in those positions and trading his own accounts, he's accumulated a broad array of tools to decipher key market trends, and to find opportunities in often-overlooked corners of the marketplace. It’s this knowledge that he wants to share with you, so that you can enjoy the same wealth-creating returns that he has over the years.

It's Sean's mission to show you there is a way to garner outsized returns by exploring opportunities in commodities — those things that we all use in our daily lives, and that the world depends on for continued growth — and currencies, especially the ones poised to outpace the faltering U.S. dollar in the long run.

As a reader of the Ultimate Wealth Report, you will be empowered to take assertive charge of your future and look inflation square in the eye, with tools to outsmart the government’s reckless policies regarding the dollar.

Ultimate Wealth Report

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